Live from the 50th anniversary of the publication of Dr. Richard L. Rubenstein’s “After Auschwitz”

myself and my teacher

update 8: Its the end of the event but i have got to get a picture with my teacher

A picture with Dr. Rubenstein and a fellow student

update 7: As the event comes to an end there are curious minds with questions but as time is far spent the good doctor cannot take any.

audience listening with obvious interest

update 6: Dr. Rubenstein talking about his experience as a young boy living in New York .

In New York, where you went public school was determined by the location of your home


update 5: Really Surprising fact….. Dr. Rubenstein was asked to write an article for the playboy magazine. Who would have thought?

Audience overview 2


Dr. Rubenstein speaking about his experiences in germany, talks about the warm reception he recieved from some germans at a synagogue

You do not get that kind of treatment everywhere 

Audience overview 1


update 4: This is off to a good start as the dean of college of public and international affairs, Dr. Thomas J. Ward opens the event

Dr. Richard L. Rubenstein

arrivals and refreshment

update 3: There is an amazing display of refreshment and drinks. I am impressed with this selection. I better grab a plate before the good stuff is gone.

update 2: I spot the man of the moment. He looks younger than i thought.

update: I have arrived at the Dupont Tower room at ABC where the event is taking place. There are a few people present and more arriving.


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