Zappar and Quiver vibes

Tell us about your experience using Zappar?

         At first glance i did not think i would like it. I mean, I wasn’t excited about it. It looked all kinds of complicated  and tedious with the revolving widgets and all. I really did not see myself having fun with it, but surprisingly enough i did.

         Creating my Zappar code and profile was actually pretty easy and stress free. All i had to do was go to Zapworks and follow instructions concerning creating a Zapper profile and that was the beginning of my fun Zapper escapades.

Zap!-tache is a fun zap on the Zappar app that lets you have fun with mustache in various colors and styles. All i had to do was go to the Zapper menu–>browse Zaps–>Zappar originals–>Zap!-tache. I personally prefer the grandpa mustache. Makes me look so old .

Browse some of the zaps via the menu and get at least 2 to work and detail your experience

I browsed the zaps in the menu and i was lucky enough to get some to work. I Zapped BBC radio 1 and had a bit of fun after unlocking their zapcode. The zapcode opened up to a pretty cool video of a lady giving information about what i can explore on their zapper page. I also got to take a cool selfie.

BBC radio 1
pouting pretty

I tried out the Happy feet 2 zapper and was able to watch Eric bust a move. I also brought   Eric out of his comfort zone by setting him free.He is a pretty good dancer.

Before setting Eric free
after setting Eric free

If UB was to use a Zapcode for its print marketing brochures to prospective students, what would you suggest? On what kinds of pictures or pages would the zapcode appear and what would it unleash when interacted with?

I would suggest the zapcode color be purple knight colors (purple and white).

just like my zapcode

It would be fun to see the zapcode on admission brochures, the school website and UBnet. It could also be on event pictures, like homecoming rally pictures and other fun stuff like that.

When interacted with, it should show fun student activities in school on the event calender. It should have a fun facts widget where prospective students can learn cool facts about The University of Bridgeport. There could also be a sports widget that shows all the sports available at UB.



This is my Zapcode.

I changed the color  of my code from drab black to a pretty purple. It just makes my zapcode pop.

I feel like the purple power ranger


This is what appears after unlocking my Zapcode.


Zap!-tache of drunk Uncle Marty at my fictional Christmas party

Drunk Uncle Marty


Augmented animal cell

Video of my augmented animal cell. This is under the Quiver education topic. The quiver app brings the colored animal cell picture to life. It is a fun way to learn. I tried to use my finger to spin the augmented animal cell but my finger just went through it.

Really wish i learnt my animal cell at elementary school this way.


This is a Ford truck from the Quiver topic .It is not under the educational Quiver topic. It is a video of a farm truck in a village, probably going to pickup farm produce. I could pause the movement of the car and play it again.

I would like my truck to pick up fresh apples.


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